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SPCC Toledo's 13th Annual Fundraising Event

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Download the form at: www.StPaulsCommunityCenter.org

What: The 13th Annual Fundraising Event, “Celebrating 45 years in the Community” benefitting St. Paul’s Community Center, provides funding for emergency shelter and food programs for individuals without homes.

When: Thursday, September 21st 2023 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Who attends: Everyone. This event is a family friendly online event.

Where: https://www.youtube.com/ (Search: SPCCToledo)

Format: Interactive social media event showcasing SPCC ‘s accomplishments and entertainment from the St. Paul’s community of residents, volunteer, and staff.

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“I have the key to the door. I can either say ‘Ok staff lock up the door. Don’t let anybody in. Or i can say no wait people are outside. It’s cold, it’s sub-freezing . They’re going to die. We have to do something,” said Joe Habib of the St. Paul’s Community Center.

exteriorJoe was quoted in an article on the 13abc.com website.