Awards Ceremony for 2020

About the Event


What: The 10th Annual Award Ceremony benefitting St. Paul’s Community Center provides funding for the shelter and food programs at SPCC.

When: Thursday, September 17th, 2020 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Who's Invited: Everyone. This event is a family friendly online event.

Where: (Search: SPCCToledo)

Format: Interactive social media event showcasing SPCC ‘s accomplishments and entertainment from the St. Paul’s community of staff, residents, and volunteers.


About St. Paul's Community Center


St. Paul's Community Center was established in 1978 to provide food, shelter, support services, and job and housing referrals to the homeless, indigent and mentally ill in the metropolitan Toledo area. Our goal is to provide a period of stabilization for these individuals, the most under-served in our community, and help them obtain the assistance they need to live self-sufficient, satisfying and productive lives.


St. Paul’s has five major programs:

  1. The Shelter: includes 30 beds for men and 5 beds for women. Residents work with a case-worker towards securing housing, linkage to mental health services, jobs and supportive services.
  2. The Food Program: serves approximately 53,000 meals per year to individuals in need.
  3. Winter Crisis: an overnight program during the coldest months of the year, offering a place to sleep, hot showers, warm clothing, dinner and breakfast to homeless individuals (in addition to the 35 shelter beds).
  4. Outreach Services: Providing outreach services to homeless individuals living on the streets.
  5. Representative Payee Program: provides budgeting and financial management assistance for more than 600 individuals with mental illness or developmental disabilities.



Programs Statistics and Uniqueness of St. Paul’s (2019)

  • 183 individuals stayed in our shelter (153 men and 30 women)
  • 41% of individuals were housed
  • 12,585 shelter beds provided
  • Housing Navigator services: 48 assisted, 30% housed
  • 3,009 Winter Crisis nights provided
  • 57,118 meals served
  • More than 600 individuals are able to maintain housing independently with the assistance of an Organizational Representative Payee
  • SPCC is the only shelter where homeless individuals can check in to take a shower
  • SPCC is the only shelter where homeless individuals (no matter where they stay), can use SPCC’s address to receive their mail


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