Smucker’s Serves Up a Very Merry Christmas at St. Paul’s

Smucker's volunteers stand ready for the next lunch guest at St. Paul's

December 16, 2016

The season of holiday music and festive décor is upon us, and the gracious volunteers from J. M. Smucker Co. (famous for Smucker’s brand jams and jellies) brought the holidays to our guests this Friday at St. Paul’s Community Center. Smucker’s went above and beyond the call of duty: the dining hall was decorated, tablecloths were spread, volunteers waited tables restaurant-style, holiday music played in the background, and, of course, the kitchen workers donned Santa hats. It all made for a joyful and special lunchtime surprise for community members who showed up to lunch expecting a regular meal in a regular dining hall—but were greeted with something quite different! Thank you, Smucker’s volunteers, for making the holiday season a little bit brighter for all of us.