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Q: How do I get into St. Paul's?
A: St. Paul’s offers a variety of programs targeted to helping individuals in need. For the Shelter, call 211 and follow the prompts, for the Lunch Program and Supportive Services, just walk-in during designated hours, for the Payee Program, call 419 255 5520 ext. 215

Q: Do you accept families?
A: No. St. Paul’s is specializing in servicing adults and/or individuals with severe mental illness

Q: Can you drive me to St. Paul's?
A: St. Paul’s doesn’t provide transportation to non-residents. Once admitted to St. Paul’s, our social worker outreach will transport and advocate for you in the community as outlined in your service plan 

Q: How long can I stay at St. Paul's?
A: St. Paul’s aims at shortening the length of stay at St. Paul’s as we believe that every individual is entitled to housing. The maximum length of stay is 90 days

Q: How much stuff can I bring with me?
A: Residents are encourage to limit their belongings to 2 boxes

Q: Will I have a case manager when I am there?
A: Yes. Once admitted to the shelter, our dedicate case worker will meet with you within 2 business days to develop a re-housing plan

Q: Will you help me find a job and a place to live?
A: St. Paul’s case manager will insure that you are linked with the resources in the community that will help you access housing, benefits, employment, mental health services, substance addiction services based on your identified needs  Our help will only go as far as your hard work.