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Our Story

storyPhoto by The Blade; Amy Voigt; 2014St. Paul's Community Center was established in 1975 to provide food, shelter, support services, and job and housing referrals to the homeless, indigent and mentally ill in the metropolitan Toledo area. Our goal is to provide a period of stabilization to this special population, the most under-served population in our community, and help them obtain the assistance they need to live self-sufficient, satisfying and productive lives.

St. Paul's provides...

  • Residential services,
  • A payee program that manages Social Security income,
  • Needs-assessments,
  • Advocacy for benefit entitlement, substance abuse prevention, nursing services,
  • Life skills,
  • Socialization,
  • Food Programs, and
  • Social Security benefits screening for the clients we serve.

In addition, our navigator/housing stability manager (HSM) seeks homeless individuals wherever they may be and engages them in housing services and helps them access community resources. Our navigator/HSM remains connected with them until their housing situation is stabilized and they achieved self-sufficiency.

St. Paul’s Community Center provides a full range of services designed to help our clients regain independence and self-sufficiency with minimum ongoing care.

Many individuals come to St. Paul's for a hot meal and find a caring and knowledgeable staff ready with a variety of programs to help solve the problems related to their homelessness and mental or physical health.

St. Paul’s Community Center is the safety net for the community.