Food Programs

The Community Food Program is known by many names; some call it the Food Program, others may refer to it as Community Lunch but almost all the homeless people and those in need can count on St. Paul’s Community Center to provide a hot nutritious meal at lunch.

At the core of our mission is for us to be the safety net of our community. At lunch, people not only get a meal, but other components are in place to help them meet their basic needs and move forward. At the very least, our case manager is available to help them access community resources.

Serving over 111,000 meals at a cost of $1.79 a meal is what we do all year round, but helping more than 1,100 unique individuals per year is what we are all about.

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Food Program Facts

We serve warm, nutritious meals...

  • 3 meals a day, 7 days a week for shelter residents.
  • Noon meals 7 days a week for the hungry in the community.
  • We operate 365 days a year with only limited staff members.
  • We serve nearly 111,000 meals annually.
  • On weekends, volunteers from more than 80 churches and organizations cook and serve hot meals for shelter residents and the homeless in the community, where the need grows larger every day.
  • Our Food Programs serve as an entry point for clients in need of additional help.

Meals Served in 2016