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paintingInterested in volunteering? Contact us using the volunteer interest form (links are at the bottom of this page), or call St. Paul's at (419) 255-5520.

Volunteers are the heart of St. Paul's Community Center and fill many roles in our programs for the homeless and indigent. Many of our volunteers have special skills and gifts. If you have a professional skill, area of special knowledge or even a hobby you would like to share with our management or those we serve, please let us know.

We welcome the generosity and creativity of volunteers with access to funding, and will gladly work with you to develop a special day of service. For example, some groups fund painting days, enabling us to renew hallways, dining areas, and meeting rooms. Others have brought our outdoor areas to life with shrubs, flowers, and seating, bringing beauty and joy into the lives of our residents and guests.

There are always tasks requiring an extra hand in the kitchen, the office, or to simply pick up a donation and deliver it to the shelter. Whatever your skills, talents or abilities, you can help us to help those most at-risk in our community. We need volunteers to assist in all aspects of the operation and will be happy to find a way for you to help.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • “Adopt a Room” at the shelter or transitional housing for refurbishing
  • Pick up donations
  • Help in the shelter with general office duties
  • Assist with fundraising events
  • Conduct a food drive
  • Painting or landscaping. 

Volunteer now and help make a difference in your community! Read our Volunteer Guidelines